December 2009
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Transitional Balls

Today was a day of transition. Eric, my youngest brother and I moved things that belonged to our father who passed away this past year. It was strange. There were also many things that belonged to our grandfather, Cecil Palmer that we moved as well. It was a day of remembering for me. I contemplated the first time I sharpened a nail on a bench grinder. It was at Grandpa Palmer shop in Utah. The bench grinder has now transitioned into my garage some forty years from the time when I sharpened that first nail and watched the sparks fly. Tonight when Eric, my son saw the bench grinder, he wanted to grind something. I handed him a 16 penny nail that he proceeded to grind to a sharp point. He then went out and tested it by pounding it into a block of wood. Time moves on, but boys and the desire to sharpen something and make sparks does not seem to change.

As the transition takes place, there are some things that can cause one to step back and scratch their head. My father liked to golf and volunteered at a golf course so he could play some free golf. There is a fringe benefit to driving around a golf course making sure people are moving along and doing what they should. You tend to learn where people lose their golf balls. I would tend to believe that dad was good at his job. So in this time of transition, there are other things that need attention. What are me and my brothers going to do with more golf balls than we could possibly lose in our lifetimes? Then again, one of them volunteered to construct a cannon that shoots golf balls. That could be fun.

Golf balls and more golf balls

Golf balls and more golf balls

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