December 2009
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Shave of the Day - Polar Ice

Polar Ice

As we are right smack dab in the middle of winter here in southern California, I thought it was time to look up north. For today’s shave I chose J.M. Fraser’s shave cream and aftershave lotion in the fragrance of Polar Ice. These products are a product out of Toronto Canada. With the wind out of the north, it was feeling a little polar in the house and it was time to shave.

I started by preparing my trusted Dovo razor, giving it a keen edge. I then prepared my three days worth of facial hair with some good hot water to soften the whiskers. With a moderate amount of Polar Ice shave cream on my face, I began to work it into my whiskers with one of my favorite brushes. The save cream lathered up wonderfully and has a nice fragrance.

The Dovo made quick work on my downward pass. I was starting to look respectable again. Lathering up for a second time with the Polar Ice saving cream was quick. I had another face full or rich later. Working upward the remnants of what was left after the first pass quickly disappeared. I then cooled my face down and applied a liberal splashing of Polar Ice after save lotion. The face felt great and my sweetheart appreciated the smooth finished product.

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