December 2009
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Shave of the Day - Polar Ice

Polar Ice

As we are right smack dab in the middle of winter here in southern California, I thought it was time to look up north. For today’s shave I chose J.M. Fraser’s shave cream and aftershave lotion in the fragrance of Polar Ice. These products are a product out of Toronto Canada. With […]

The Spin Monster

Today Jacob and I went to a local attraction that has a couple of miniature golf courses, batting cages, go carts, laze tag and arcade and a few carnival rides. I cannot tel you how many times I have been around that small go cart track in a very small car. Of course, I do […]

Boys and Girls

This past Saturday the two youngest boys, Eric – 17 and Jacob – 14 went to the mall to see a movie with friends. After being at the mall for a few hours they called for a ride because they were ready to come home. A few minutes later they called to say they were […]

Transitional Balls

Today was a day of transition. Eric, my youngest brother and I moved things that belonged to our father who passed away this past year. It was strange. There were also many things that belonged to our grandfather, Cecil Palmer that we moved as well. It was a day of remembering for me. I contemplated […]

Christmas Tree 2009

We decided this year to be a little more budget conscious with our Christmas. One of the first steps was to get the artificial tree out of the top of the garage. We have never used it. The tree was given to us about 9 years ago by a family member who many years previous […]

Beautiful Day

Today was the begining of the clearing after the stom that started early Monday morning. The mountains had snow on them. The sun has come out and the sky is a brilliant blue. I took the picture below as I was driving to work this morning. We will have more rain in a couple of […]