November 2009
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Thunder, Lightning and Rain

I awoke this morning to thunder, lightning and the sound of rain. It was a nice change. When I left to do a quick service project at the church house it was cloudy. When I left the building, the sun was out and I could see that the mountain around had a light dusting of […]

Mission Inn - Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is a yearly occurrence. The street in front of the house fills with cars and all the parking is gobbled up. Throngs of people march to the downtown area around the Mission Inn. The RCC band was playing music this year. There were vendors hawking kettle corn and the likes. We […]

Geocaching the Trail of Terror

Every year for the past several years a geocacher by the name of HaZzMaTt places a trail of caches by the bike trail next to the Santa Ana River. This yearly event is known as the Trail of Terror. Jacob and I try to get out and grab some of the caches via bicycles. We […]

Lunch Time Fun

Every day just before lunch break the microwave starts going to work. It takes about 6 minutes to heat up that frozen meal so business must be conducted during the thaw. Why the rush to get to lunch? Once the physical nourishment is complete, psychological nourishment needs to take place. Relax . . . Breathe […]

Scott turns 19

Tonight Scott stopped by for his birthday dinner. He turned 19 yesterday. It was nice to see him. He did not receive any bright colored t-shirts. He did get a pair of black work paints so he does not have to wash the one pair he has every night. I guess two pair of black […]

Dad and the Mystery Gift

It has been about five months from the day that my father passed away. There are some things that defined my father and were just who he was. He was frugal and did not indulge himself unnecessarily. To what extent was he like this? Today I stopped by to visit Natalie. We talked about dad. […]

Eric turns 17

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It was Eric’s birthday on the 12th of November and he turned 17. We can hardly believe that […]

Apples, Oak Glen and Geocaching

Today Janet and I planned to visit Oak Glen and go to lunch. This trip was also a Geocaching adventure. The first cache was “Nothing to do with Websters Adams Apple,” GCP2T7. This was the first cache of several. We passed it twice while Janet honed her navigation skills. After a couple of caches, she […]

Sourdough biscuit weather

As the month of November starts, we are having cooler weather. One thing I like about cooler weather is that I can get yard work done without baking in the heat and sun. Another thing I like is to do is do a little baking inside the house. Last night I pulled my sourdough starter […]