October 2009
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Fire Explorer Academy

My day started out as usual this Wednesday, I went to work. The first thing on my agenda was to return home to take Eric to the 18th Annual Inland Empire Fire Explorer Association Fire Explorer Academy. He had just out of the shower and said, “I need to get my hair cut.” I got the equipment together and started. Janet came and did the majority of the work. Why might one ask? Apparently, if you hair is on your collar or your ears, you get a very short buzz cut and you also have the opportunity to do push-ups. I guess at the last minute Eric decided he better get that taken care of. He did ask for a buzz cut. However, it was more expedient to just trim the edges.

He will be gone until Sunday when we go up for his Graduation. Rumor has it they work or are in a classroom learning 18 hours a day. What will he look like or how tired will he be after 5 days and four night? Stay tuned. As for today, he has a big smile.

Eric at the start of Fire Explorer Academy

Eric at the start of Fire Explorer Academy

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