October 2009
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Fire Explorer Academy Graduate

Eric survived the Inland Empire Fire Explorer Academy’s 18th Annual Academy. The graduation was close to two hours as many people were recognized for their dedication and service that makes this event a great one. There were close to 300 cadets that participated in the 5 day training. The Inland Empire Fire Explorer Academy President, […]

Fire Explorer Academy

My day started out as usual this Wednesday, I went to work. The first thing on my agenda was to return home to take Eric to the 18th Annual Inland Empire Fire Explorer Association Fire Explorer Academy. He had just out of the shower and said, “I need to get my hair cut.” I got […]

Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ

The Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ went well today. It was a fundraiser for the City Councilmemeber’s favorite charity and the Riverside Community Sailing Program. Eric and Jacob were a great help for the event. They helped get the boats in the water and set up. Then they went out and placed the marker […]

Shave of the Day - Kell's Original and Old Spice

Kell’s Original Hemp Blend in Amber and Old Spice

For today’s shave I wanted to prepare for the Riverside City Council Regatta and BBQ. I decided to grab Kell’s Original Hemp Blend Handcrafted Shaving Soap in the fragrance of Amber. I used my Simpson Chubby 1 brush which worked great with the Kell’s soap. […]

Griffith Park Observatory - Crew 6

We were off for an adventure in LA on Tuesday night. We stopped at Carl’s Jr to learn a little about physics. If you try to eat the Six Dollar Jalapeno Cheese burger you will not be able to finish your fries. From there it was off to the observatory to learn a little more.


Shave of the Day – Musgo Real

Musgo Real – shaving cream and after shave

I have always liked the Musgo Real Orange Amber after shave. The Musgo Real shaving cream has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of months. Today, it was time to break it out and give it a try. A small amount in the palm […]

California and Cancer

Some days there are things that make you laugh. Some times they are paired with serious events. This past week my sweetheart received her certificate and watch for being an employee of the State of California for 25 years. Congratulations to her for that achievement. The watch is nice and has the Seal of the […]