September 2009
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Instant Messaging

Technology is a wonderful thing. As I was working on sending out a mass emailing to almost 500 people regarding an upcoming scout training, I was sitting behind my desktop computer and had my laptop on my left. Both were up and running and I did a few different things. I went into the living room to find Eric on one computer, Jacob on the Linux box I just put together and Emily sitting at the table with her laptop. They were all on Facebook working intently on their farms. When it got late and I wanted to go to bed, they promised not to talk but to instant message each other through their Facebook accounts.

Today, Jacob is not feeling well. I sat with him in his room and watched a lifetime of Sponge Bob. He decided to work on his farm so I brought him my laptop. He is farming and I let him know that I would be taking care of other things. He barely can talk and he called me back to his room. He wanted to let me know that he would IM me on Facebook if he needed me. Then again, how is this not different from a phone call from a child’s cell phone to my cell phone when the child is 50 feet away in another room? I just love the call, “Dad, I am hungry. What is there to eat?”

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