September 2009
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Pizza and Crew 6

Several weeks ago the boys in Crew 6 planned out things that they wanted to do. They like food and the topic of Gourmet Cooking came up. I am game, there is no reason why they should not learn a little about cooking and enjoy eating. The first meeting where they cooked they made hot […]

Lunch Time Fun

At work a few of us are excited to see lunch time come. We quickly eat lunch and then head outside. As for the lunch itself, I have learned to subsist on Lean Cuisine and other sub 350 calorie lunches. This type of lunch does two things. One, I have lost 10 pounds in the […]

Shave of the Day - Sea Buckthorn and English Fern

I was given a sample of Edwin Jagger Premium Shaving Cream in the fragrance of Sea Buckthorn. I decided to try it out. I stropped up the Dovo razor in preparation for the test. I dampened my face and badger hair brush and proceeded to get a little of the Sea Buckthorn shaving cream […]

Boys, Trees and Wild Animals

We have a Raccoon problem in our neighborhood. There have been a few around for years, but it seems to have multiplied in the past few months. The trash cans get knocked over more often and vegetables get eaten out of the garden.

Raccoon Devastation

Last night I received a call from a neighbor […]

Instant Messaging

Technology is a wonderful thing. As I was working on sending out a mass emailing to almost 500 people regarding an upcoming scout training, I was sitting behind my desktop computer and had my laptop on my left. Both were up and running and I did a few different things. I went into the living […]

Sailing at Fairmont Park

Today was the first scheduled day of sailing for the Riverside Community Sailing Program. Three of us showed up and two of us put a boat in the water. There was a gentle breeze with an occasional sustained gust that would get us moving. It was great to get out and have fun.

Sailing […]

Old-Fashioned Sourdough Pancakes

Almost every weekend I grab my sourdough starter from the refrigerator on Saturday, feed it well and wait until Sunday to make some pancakes. For starter I have used 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter for many years. For many years Carl Griffith shared his starter and it is now shared by his friends. They also […]

Shave of the Day - Arlington


Today is another Arlington day. The Dr. Harris Co. Ltd fragrance of Arlington is wonderful. It is one of my favorites. A couple of days ago I used the Arlington saving soap and today I used the shave stick. Again I noticed that it lathered well. I used the Akro stick yesterday and […]