August 2009
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Scout Camp - The Arrival

The sure sign that I am at Scout Camp is receiving the phone call from home. In years past, my mother in law needed emergency heart surgery and a call was made. Another time the hot water in a shower at the house would not shut off and the person that stopped by to help said that the tile needed to be knocked out so they could get to the valve. It always seems that there is something that signifies I am away at scout camp.

This morning we got up at 3:00 AM to head out to scout camp. We left at 4:00 to make the hour and a half drive to Scout Camp. We arrived safely and unloaded out gear and carried ti to the campsite in large wagons. Before I had set up my tent I received a call from home. Janet called to announce that the kitchen was full of ants. Black ants were crawling all over the counters everywhere. I just started laughing. I told Janet that this was a signal that Scout Camp had officially started. I let her know where the ant spray was in the garage so that she could spray the outside of the house to keep them from coming in.

Camp started with the morning flag assembly. We are going to need to work on the skills for standing in line a little bit. The boys were great for about the first five minutes, then spontaneous boyhood tremors, moving and talking struck. Right after flag ceremony was breakfast. We had breakfast burritos. Scrambled eggs with sausage in a flour tortilla with the addition of sausage gravy and some spicy green salsa were on the menu. The sausage gravy and green salsa swirling together in the mix made an interesting taste bud sensation.

Opening Flag Ceremony

Opening Flag Ceremony

After breakfast it was off to the merit badge classes for the boys. I made time to finish putting up my tent and getting organized. Soon enough it was off to lunch for hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. A big scoop of chili would have topped this meal off. However, the dog received a triple packet liberal slathering of mustard. That made all the difference. The macaroni and cheese was good on its own.

We stopped by camp for a little rest.

In front of dads tent

In front of dad's tent

Soon enough, it was time to go back to camp and then off to more classes for the boys.

Climbing class for Eric

Climbing class for Eric

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