August 2009
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No Leaks

As the sun was setting I was putting dirt back in the hole created for the new plumbing. I ran through the sprinkler timer for each zone and they work. Put some water on the roses and other vegetation that had not received water in a couple of months. It is amazing what a simple […]

Leaky and Broken

I thought I would start a simple project of replacing a broken sprinkler valve. The new valve did not fit because it required more space between the pipe that came into the valve and the one that left the valve. Then in the process, I broke a pipe from another valve. It was also evident […]

Shave of the Day - Blenheim Bouquet

One of my favorite shave creams is Penhalagon’s Blenheim Bouquet. Desiring to get a little more information, some friends that are in London took a stroll over to Panhalagon’s at 41 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, London. The report is as follows: “The one at Covent Garden has been there since about 1802. It has all […]

Riverside Community Sailing Program

This past week Eric has participated in the Riverside Community Sailing Program, a program to teach youth how to sail. He volunteered as part of the rescue team as he is trained in first aid and CPR because he is a Fire Explore. His first task was to get into the rescue boat with Megan, […]

Shave of the Day - Sandalwood and English Fern

Last night I had a conversation with my neighbor who put a couple of straight razors on eBay. He was determined to let me know how dangerous it was to clean them up. They cut right through the towel he was cleaning them with. My response was, it they cannot cut you then you are […]

Another day at Scout Camp – Day 5

Day 5 went fairly quickly. The boys had camp wide games in the afternoon so they were running around. For the evening campfire, Jacob had to announce skits and participate for a requirement of the communications merit badge. He was terrified about standing in front of all the people and talking in public. He did […]

Another day at Scout Camp – Day 4

Today was a quick starting day because I needed to get to my Leave No Trace class. Breakfast was at 7:00 and it was good. We had scrambled eggs had onions and peppers in them along with diced potatoes. When I was getting served, I asked about that green salsa that we had on […]


I came to visit Jacobs Pioneering Merit Badge class. There was no room to sit on the bench so I sat on the ground. I turned my camera on to take a picture of Jacob but was not afforded a good picture opportunity. I got tires so I laid down and rested my head on […]

String Theroy

I visited one of Jacobs merit badge classes. I was not extremely excited about the class and the way it was taught. At lunch one of the other boys in Jacobs’s class sat next to Jacob. I asked the young man about the class. He thought he was teaching the class the way he was […]

Another day at Scout Camp - Day 3

Today has been a very busy day. I was up early for a shave using a Palmolive shaving cream from India in the fragrance of Lemon. I was told to use it up before I came home. It was an invigorating shave with the lemon fragrance. I used some Aqua Velva cool ice to follow […]

Another day at Scout Camp – Day 2

Scout Camp has gone well so far. Last night was the opening campfire and the scouts really enjoined it. Upon arrival back at camp everyone quickly retired to their tents for the night. However, as tradition has it, there is always a couple of boys that talk later in the evening. Then again, chatter […]

Shave of the Day - Akro Commando at Scout Camp

It is a wonderful morning at Scout Camp. I was up early to get a shower and came back to camp for a shave. Shaving in a somewhat primitive situation requires innovation. The strop was hung on the wash basin with a rope tide with the traditional square knot. The mirror was hooked over a […]

Scout Camp – The Arrival

The sure sign that I am at Scout Camp is receiving the phone call from home. In years past, my mother in law needed emergency heart surgery and a call was made. Another time the hot water in a shower at the house would not shut off and the person that stopped by to help […]

Dirt, Water and Wind

A month ago I was invited to the first Riverside Commuity Sailing Progarm meeting by Lanny Coon. He is heading up the project of getting a youth sailing program started. Years ago, like more than 25 years ago there was an organization at the park that taught young people to sail. The sailing stopped after […]