July 2009
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Shave of the Day - Sweet Orange and Orange Amber

Sweet Orange and Orange Amber

Sweet Orange and Orange Amber

I woke up today and decided that today’s shave needed a citrus theme. I started by stropping the Clauss New Departure Razor on the linen side several times to shape up the edge. From there it was off to the leather side for the final edge. I really like the feel of this razor. It is a tad heavier than my Dovo razor.

For shaving cream I chose the Connaught, of England, Luxury Shaving Cream in the fragrance of Sweet Orange. They have an Italian Lemmon and Sicilian Lim also available. The Sweet Orange has a fragrance similar to the aroma you would detect as you open up a tree ripened orange. It is a fresh zesty fragrance that is pleasing. It is also a wonderful aroma to start the morning off with. The shaving cream lathers up well with the super badger brush. A slick environment with the sweet orange aroma is created for the razor to do its work.

After a great shave, the choice of aftershave is one of my favorites. Musgo Real Cologne, No. 1, Orange Amber has the aromatic properties of Mandarin orange, spicy bergamot and hints of amber and musk. It is a wonderful way to start the day.

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