July 2009
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Boys, Dogs, Skunks and Sprinklers

My 18 year old son Scott came to stay with us overnight yesterday. He was concerned to be leaving his dog Maddox, a short scruffy dog and his mothers dog Duchess, a German Sheppard. He brought both dogs.

Scott did some yard work in the afternoon to earn some money to go out for the night. When I got home from work I went to look at what Scott did in the backyard, his dog Maddox was protecting the back porch and it appeared that he did not like me. He tried to bite my shoe. I have learned that when Scott is around, Maddox will protect him. Once Scott left to go to his friend’s house, Maddox was fine. It was then Eric that could not get close to Maddox.

I was asleep and I was awoken by the front door around midnight. I thought it was Scott coming home. I learned later that it was not Scott. Today I found out that it was Eric going out the front door. Apparently, Duchess was barking at a skunk so he tried to go out the back door. Maddox was guarding the back door so he could not go out the back door without getting his feet bitten. Therefore the front door was http://www.blogger.com/post-create.do#chosen. Eric’s weapon of choice was an airsoft shotgun which he used to run the skunk off. Duchess was saved from the skunk.

I was asleep at 3:30 when the doorbell rang. It was Scott. He was coming home from his friends. He had agreed to be home at midnight a couple of times so I was not happy that he was home so late. He wanted to let the dogs in to sleep with him. We said no. He said that he would sleep outside with the dogs. He got the cot out of the garage, a blanket and pillow out of the room and got on the cot to go to sleep for the night. I thought, the sun will be up in two hours, why would anyone want to go to sleep outside with that fact.

When I got up, Scott was back inside. My cot had a large puddle of water on it. The blanket and pillow Scott had used was soaked. He was not sleeping anywhere close to where a sprinkler would get him. I was a little puzzled until I saw the sprinkler head of the nice multi-stream gear driven sprinkler. It was torn off. I checked another one, it suffered the same fate. The other two newer models did not suffer the same fate with only a small cap popped off the top. Scott told me later in the day the Duchess attacks sprinklers.

So I now know how Scott met his rude awakening. He said he was sleeping great until he woke up all wet. I might add, Scott sleeps pretty soundly and he would have not even heard Duchess attacking the sprinkler head and turning it into a geyser.

So what is the moral to the story, no dog sleep over’s, especially ones that eat sprinklers.

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