June 2009
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Shave of the Day - Akro Commando

Akro Commando

Akro Commando

The Commando shave – Arko has a new shave cream and the accompanying after shave cream. For application of the shaving cream I used a new Omega setola (boar hair) brush that I had just shampooed a couple of times. It still had the fragrance of, well a new brush or a wet animal. I put a small amount of the commando shave cream in the palm of my hand and worked it into the brush. It came out in a light green color, which was a surprise to me. The shaving cream whipped into a rich lather quickly. The fragrance reminded me of some of the fragrances available today that are marketed to younger men. The ones like my teenage sons use. The fragrance did take command of any new brush smell.

With the rich later on my face, I put my razor to work. I was enjoying the youthful fragrance and not paying attention enough so I got my first nick in some time. I do not know why, but I thought of that movie where Sylvester Stallone claims someone else drew first blood. After the shave I applied the Commando after shave cream. I am not much a fan of creams. It was refreshing and feels like it would be helpful with dry skin. The fragrance is as advertised on the tube, “energizing dynamic and long lasting.” I might add that the fragrance is much more pleasant than the “extreme” type of fragrances that have wafted in from the part of the house where teen age boys have over applied their favorite fragrance. Overall, I look forward to another Commando shave in the future.

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