June 2009
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Shave of the Day - Akro stick and Varon Dandy

The typical Tuesday shave is a little different. You tell the boy to get up and you turn the shower on for him. Then you strop the razor on the linen and then horsehide side. hen you check on the boy and tell him to get up – again. Back to shaving, you wet the face and the brush and rub the Arko shave stick on the face. Start working the Arko into a lather while walking back to the boys room to get him up. A good yell at the boy is safe before you get back to the bathroom ad place the razor against your face.

Once back in the bathroom, you check out the lather and work it into a rich creamy texture. The Arko stick is a wonderful product for this type of application, getting the boy up and putting a good lather on the face. As you pick up the razor you hear that the boy is up so you relax and let the razor slip across your skin laying your whiskers to waste on the way. Once finished with the with the grain pass, you begin to later up for the against the grain pass. The razor then slicks off what is left. You prepare your face for the finish. However, you need to go back to the other end of the house and rattle the bathroom door letting the boy know it is time to get out. Upon return to the bathroom, you apply a liberal amount of one of my favorites from Spain, Varon Dandy to you face.

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