June 2009
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Dad at Home – Day 7 –

I stopped by at 6:00 am to give Dad his medications and check on him. Dad had woken up an hour earlier in pain and had been given pain medication so he was comfortable. He was awake and said good morning. It was my first time to give all his medication, hang a new feeding bottle and empty his drain bag. It starts with crushing the pills that he needs to take. Not everything comes in a liquid form. Once the meds were done the feeding bottle ran empty. I put a new one up and then the machine beeped every couple of minutes. I held Dads hand between beeps. A little use of gravity and that was straightened out the feeding problem and most everything was set.

Dad is looking weaker. He had slipped towards the bottom of the bed so I lowered the bed and moved him back up towards the top. I got him all adjusted and settled in. It was off to work.

At lunch time I stopped by again to say hello. Nyla and Terry had everything under control. They are doing a great job taking care of Dad. They stay up late and make sure Dad gets what he needs during the day and night. The idea is that they get to sleep in as I take the early meds shift. At lunch the visiting nurses were also there and some things were changed so it was good to get information first hand.

After work I stopped by with Scott and Eric, my sons. Dad was excited to see them. He gave each of them a big hug. Dad talked a little even though he looked a little out of it. As we left the boys commented on how surprised they were. They had seen a picture of him from a week ago. However, reality is real. Eric commented that he thought Dad looked a little yellow. For those of us that see him day in and day out we are not as perceptive to subtle changes. It may be that Dads liver is beginning to be compromised. The next few days will tell us more.

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  • Mr. Sig

    Greg, Your work here is much appreciated. I check here for updates daily. It is very helpful for those of us who cannot be there every day. I thank you for your efforts.

    – Wayne