June 2009
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Dad at Home – Day 6 – Fathers Day

When I arrived at 9:00 in the morning, Alan was there. We were waiting for Wayne and Eric to show up so he could spend time with his four sons on Father’s Day. I asked Dad if he wanted to go outside again like he did the day before. He stated, “No more hikes.” I clarified that he was talking about his “hike” in the back yard. He nodded yes and repeated, “No more hikes.” As I was sore from the hike I went on the day before, I figured that he was feeling sore as well. It is too bad that the trip outdoors was too much for him. Then again, it is more about him feeling comfortable that getting vitamin D.

Eric and Wayne came and we talked some more with Dad. One of us asked Dad how he was doing. Dad responded by playing the air guitar and with a big grin singing staying alive, staying alive, staying alive. We all got smiles on our face. It was nice to see dad still had his sense of humor going. I think that is a moment that we will remember for many years to come.

We sang a couple of father’s day songs to Dad like we did as children. I think we did all right. I know he enjoyed hearing us sing to him. Then again, he could have been smiling and not trying to laugh as we were somewhat off key. We probably sounded better in our youth. It was a great day to spend time with Dad.

As for my Father’s day, Emily had texted me a Happy Fathers Day from work and Scott had called, all by about 10 in the morning. When I arrived at home in the evening to Eric and Jacob gave me a big Happy Father’s Day. We celebrated with a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake and a couple of new shirts and slacks. It was a great Fathers Day.

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