June 2009
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Dad, another day in the battle at LLUMC – Day 3

This morning Dad looked good. He said he slept well. He had no problems with the ice cream or jell-o. That is great news for someone who loves ice cream. I asked about pain and he said he was doing good as he held up the button. I am glad that he is able to rest and manage his pain. I told him about my shave with Commando from Turkey. Knowing full well he does not want to shave I still offered. Not shaving brings him glee.

The medical students were doing their rounds and he was asked a few questions. They were going to come back when I was not there to visit. He was told that his white blood cell count was down and that is great news. That means that the infection that he has may go away. Time will tell.

I opened the curtain so that he could see outside. It looked like it could rain today. W talked about the thunderstorms and lightning from yesterday. I let him know that I was going up north to a weeding this weekend. He wondered who was getting married and I explained that it was one of Janet’s, my wives nieces.
It is good that he is now getting more rest and that he can eat ice cream. Dad asked when he could go home. He was told when the infection is gone. That was good news to him that the infection was getting better and that he could go home. That will be a great day.

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  • Mr. Sig

    The OT came by today to discuss things that may be needed for his return home. The PT came by and had him walk to the nurses’ station and back with the aid of a walker.