June 2009
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Dad and His Boys

In 2005 dad turned 70 and we four boys took our Dad river rafting. Other than this past Fathers Day, and January 1st of this year, there are not many times that we have been together. I have put the photos taken while we were on our river trip here as a memory of that […]

Dad has gone home

Just a few minutes ago Dad passed away. We will all miss him.

Dad at Home – Day 9 – Surreal Sights, Sounds and Smells

I stopped by Dad’s this morning to give him his medication. He is deteriorating quickly. Nyla let me know that Eric, my brother stopped by last night and said that Dad may not make it through the night. As I looked at him this morning, I do not think he will make it through the […]

Dad at Home – Day 8 –

When I arrived at Dad’s house it was quiet. I came into the room he is in, his sister Nyla was sitting in a chair next to Dad. She said that Dad had a rough night and had waked up the house around 4:00 am because he sounded like he was choking and was coughing.


Dad at Home – Day 7 –

I stopped by at 6:00 am to give Dad his medications and check on him. Dad had woken up an hour earlier in pain and had been given pain medication so he was comfortable. He was awake and said good morning. It was my first time to give all his medication, hang a new feeding […]

Dad at Home – Day 6 – Fathers Day

When I arrived at 9:00 in the morning, Alan was there. We were waiting for Wayne and Eric to show up so he could spend time with his four sons on Father’s Day. I asked Dad if he wanted to go outside again like he did the day before. He stated, “No more hikes.” I […]

Dad at Home – Day 5 –

Yesterday, in the evening (Dad at Home – Day 4) Natalie had heart problems and left the home via an ambulance. I was on top of a mountain and Dad’s sister Nyla, from out of state was there with Dad and did not have any phone numbers to call for help. Or should I say […]

Mt. Baden Powell

Having heard about the 4 mile hike up with an elevation gain of 2803 feet, I never rushed out to do it. The Boy Scouts were going on an overnight campout and going to hike the Mt. Baden Powell the next day. I beguiled Jacob by telling him we were going camping and then going […]

Dad at Home – Day 4 –

When I arrived at Dads house this morning Dad was up taking care of business. Dad is weak and not moving well. It is impossible for him to get in and out of the bed on his own. Natalie and I helped him back to bed after the paperwork was complete. The activity caused his […]

Dad at Home – Day 3 –

When I arrived this morning Dad was wide awake. He looked warm and felt warm. I asked him if he wanted the fan on and he said yes. While we were visiting he kept rubbing his left side and moving a drain that he has. I walked over and asked him if the drain was […]

Dad at Home – Nyla arrives

Janet and I picked up Dad’s sister, Nyla, at the airport tonight. We had a good visit on our way to Dads house. When we arrived Dad was awake and he got a big smile on his face when he saw Nyla. Wayne, my brother was already there. We all chatted for a while. Dad […]

Dad at Home – Day 2 – Sleeping well

I stopped by Dads house to visit him this morning. He was sleeping fairly sound. Foxy was outside looking in at me. She yapped a couple of times. The yapping did not even stir Dad. I would guess that without the early visit by the student doctors and any checks for vitals, including that morning […]

Dad at Home – Day 1 – Dad and the dog

I have been looking for a dog for a couple of years now. It is a difficult decision because of the commitment that is necessary. One day I picked up the “Ten Commandments For Pet Owners. Commandment One: My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be very […]

Dad, Another day in the battle at LLUMC – Day 15 (Also Day 1 at Home)

I was running later than ordinary today and when I arrived, Dad actually looked asleep. However, upon closer inspection there was an indication that he was not. Clutched between his pointer finger and thumb was a small square of cloth. The indication thereof was that he was stuck once again. He opened his eyes and […]

Dad, Another day in the battle at LLUMC – Day 14

When I walked into Dad’s room this morning he was up and sitting in a chair. He looked tired. I also noticed that he had a foley catheter back. The student doctor was talking to Dad. He asked I’d Dad was in pain. The answer was yes. The student listened to Dad’s lungs and then […]