May 2009
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Dad, sons and the dog

This evening I received a phone call from my brother Eric that Dad was in the hospital. He explained that he went in yesterday evening with a high temperature and pain. He had an abscess on his liver in the area of his previous biopsy.

We were both in the room and Dad’s wife, Natalie, […]

Shave of the Day - Blenheim Bouquet and Floyd

Blenheim Bouquet and Floyd

Today I had a wonderful shave. It started by stropping the Dovo razor on the linen side of the Dublduck strop 15 time and then moving to the horsehide side for 20 times. The choice for shave cream today is Penhalagon’s Blenheim Bouquet, and English product, applied to the face […]

Eric in Turnouts

Eric is involved in Fire Explores. He really likes the program. He is often telling us about hose lay competitions and practicing rescues in his turnouts and with a breathing apparatus.

Today he had to be at Beaumont City Hall at 5:30 am as a volunteer for a race they were having in the […]

Typical Friday with Terrorist Tenager

Today I picked Eric up from school about 1:00 and he had a friend with him. I let him know that it was alright for the friend to come over. He seems to be like most typical 16 year old boys. They usually have a couple of things that they are focused on. I wondered […]