May 2015
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Happy Mothers Day

It is a good day to wish mom Happy Mothers Day. She raised four boys and survived. Her boys survived as well. For the boys there was a few car crashes. Jumping off the roof of the garage into the pool. Sighting of rifles from the kitchen down the long hall. Yes, one of the boys was sighting his 22 using 22 shorts in the house. Chasing birds with a bow and arrow in the front yard. Boys coming home late. The list probably goes on. (I know it does).

So a wishing mom a Wonderful Happy Mothers Day.

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Route 395 - A Place to Drive

This weekend was the 2015 Show and Go. Tradition is to walk from home a couple of blocks to to where the Show and Go is every year. We then walk to Carl’s, which is on the route, for lunch. Today the choice was Clark’s Nutrition for and ice cream sandwich. I just thought I would throw a few picture from the Show and Go up on the blog. There were a lot of entries. I would say better than one hundred. As for Route 395, the signs showed up on the poles in the last couple of days. Nothing wrong with having signs for the Historic Route 395 downtown.



This year was the first year I saw some tractors at the Show and Go. I thought I would get a picture of one of those as well.


The Animals

We let Elizabeth know that we were going to see some turkeys, chickens and lamas also known as the animals at my brothers house. She was excited to see them. However, when she actually saw them, she treated them like aliens. then again, how often to young children come face to face with large feathered of furry friends. We walked past the chickens. She was not to excited about them.

It was off to the lamas. now those were big animals and Elizabeth found comfort in mom’s arms. Of course that did not stop the lama from wanting to say good afternoon.


Curiously they do not lick you. They just smell you. She warmed up a little when she could hold a branch and the lama began eating the leaves off the branch.


We then went back passed the chickens. This time she was handed a scoop of chicken feed. Se really enjoyed feeding the chickens. It was fun to watch her walk around and toss some chicken feed out while being followed by the chickens.


Joseph's Coat

Several years ago I planted a climbing rose along the fence in the backyard. The years I take more care in pruning it during the winter, the showier it is in the spring. Of course, the name of the rose plant is Joseph’s Coat. The flowers change their color through the progression of each blooms life cycle.


As for the yearly volunteer sunflower, it is well flowered as well.


Light Blogging

I really have not been in the mood to blog as much. There is this tube of stuff I have been putting on my face. It has not been pleasant. However, if you get too much sunlight over several years, it becomes the the thing you need to do.


Spring is showing

Every year I have volunteer sunflowers come up in the backyard. I usually thin the crop out to one or two plants. The birds love the seeds and it is nice to have sunny little flowers in the back yard. It lets me know spring is here.


Sweet with Sweets

There is nothing like the smile of Elizabeth when she is happy. There is nothing that make a kid happier that something sweet.


Happy Pi Day

Tonight I looked around the kitchen trying to find a way to celebrate Pi Day. Flour tortillas are round. Check. The next step was what to do with the flour tortilla. Looking through the refrigerator I found mozzarella cheese, pepperonis and pizza sauce. On went the broiler. I toased up the tortilla a bit, spread on the pizza sauce, sprinkled on the cheese and placed the pepperonis. Back under the broiler the pi(e) went. Happy Pi Day.

Frugal Girl

The oil change reminder showed up on my daughter, Emily’s Toyota. She went down the street to Firestone to find out the cost of an oil change and said no way at the price. She continued her trek to the local auto parts store, purchased some oil and a filter for her car.

She asked me for some help changing her oil. We got the ramps set up and she drove her car up on the ramps so we could look under the car and determined what was needed to drain oil and change the filter. We needed a special wrench/tool for the Toyota oil filter. We took a trip to an auto parts store and got what we needed as well as oil and filters for my trucks. This also gave the car a chance to cool off.

We made it back and I handed her the socked wrench and socket and she put all her might into loosening the drain plug. She tried one way and then the other with no movement. I got her a bigger wrench and still no movement. The next step was for me to slide under the car and give it a try. First try there was no movement so I re-positioned myself to give it more force. There was movement so we were on our way. She finished the job and drained the oil.


Next came the oil filter. Wouldn’t you know it, the apparatus that we purchased to take off the oil filter housing did not work. We made another trip and got a different tool. It looked like a large socket. Emily tried again. Things would not move. She asked for my assistance. As the cover uses an O-ring to seal, it does not need to be put on with excessive force. However, it seems the same person that over torqued the drain plug wanted to put the oil filter cover on permanently. After a little work, it began to move. We were soon on our way.

New filter was in and the plug put back into place. Soon enough the car was getting fresh oil. Emily started the car up and we checked for leaks. Everything looked good so she backed her car off the ramps, drove it around the block and parked it for the night. Emily is a Frugal girl and will not spend any money unless she has to. She likes to save her money and that is a good thing. Even if it means getting a little dirty.

Pizza Time

Was in the mood for home made pizza tonight. The toughest part is having to wait for the dough to rise. However, a good crust takes it time. Did not get a picture of the pizza pies, just a few slices of what was left.


Voltage or Current

I could not drive by without taking a picture of a truck with a pair of arc welders on the back. One placed on the right rear one one placed on the left rear corners of the truck. Then there was the microwave oven seemingly mounted at the heart of the bed of the truck with the cord dangling beneath. I thought, which piece of equipment on the back of that truck is most important? As I was hungry, I though, it has to be the microwave oven. One surely cannot heat a frozen burrito with an arc welder quickly and efficiently. Is it current or voltage? No, it is microwaves . . .


Sacrificial Burnt Macaroni

My neighbor had a small outdoor fireplace with a nice fire in it tonight. I thought, what do you do with burn macaroni? You finish the job. The only problem was the wind changed directions and blew towards our house. Nothing like the light fragrance of burning macaroni again. At least the job is finished.


Smoked Macaroni

Last night I woke up to the smell of smoke in the house. I made my way into the kitchen to find smoke coming from a pot on the stove. One of the children in their twenties decided to prepare some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. No problem starting the preparation part. the problem comes when one falls a sleep in the middle of the preparation phase. My biggest fear is that the burn macaroni smell will never leave the house.

Burnt Macaroni

Burnt Macaroni

Lizard Watching

Elizabeth and I set out on an adventure to find some lizards. I usually carry her in a backpack on my back and really was not into that today so we sent to Sycamore Canyon Park, which is somewhat flatter than Box Springs Mountain Park. We stopped my the Ameal Moore Nature Center to get a map and then we hit the trail.

There was a lot of green grass and not many rocks. Knowing that we usually see the lizards sunning themselves on rocks, the lack of rocks created a problem. We made our way to a rocky outcropping about a half mile away from the trail head.

While there I decided to check out my geocaching app to see if there was one close by. There was one real close so Elizabeth took a seat on the rock and I started looking just below where she was sitting.


I was having trouble finding it so I brought her closer to where I was. There was a nice big rock for her to sit on again. I looked some more and was not finding the cache. I then decided to read the visitors log and found “This one sits on top of a rattle snake den. There were at least 5 to 6 skins around the base. I would only do this one in the winter and leave the children at home. It has a great view of the golf course and surrounding areas. Thanks for placing the cache. Took a bit to find, probably because of the snake pit!” Needless to say, I figured it was time to go and get away from a potential rattlesnake den down the side of the rocky outcropping. It was back up to the top of the rocks for a picture and away from the potential danger.


Now that I am home, I see the comment about the snakes was from 2012. We did not see any snake skins or signs of snakes. I used a stick as always to go poking around the rocks. A good friend of mine got bit on a finger by a rattlesnake last year. We both had a great time out looking for lizards. And of course watching the sun go down.


New Year

The New Year is here and I have not blogged very much. Been busy on projects around the house and spending time with Elizabeth. She is really blossoming into a two and a half year old. We have more words as well as some dialogue. She obeys very well most of the time. Sometimes she is taken away into a little bit of a temper or suborn streak. Nothing I have not seen before. I just need to be careful I do not get melted into submission by her sweet smile. Catching that smile is getting more difficult the older she gets.